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1. Calculation term
Some shop owners prefer to reward only active customers, which make orders frequently, not once a year.
To achieve that we have to create a new setting "Calculation term", which will be able to take the following values:
  • All time (as it is currently; is set by default)
  • Specific term (it will be possible to enter amount of days; by default 120 - 3 months)
2. Minimum term of being in a customer group
But if we want a specific amount of days as calculation term, sooner or later we will face the following situation:
  • there is a new customer in General group
  • he has to spend 500 EUR to be transfered in Discount group
  • calculation term is set to 30 days
  • customer places an order on 1st day, the total is 350 EUR - group isn't changed
  • customer places an order on 29th day, the total is 200 EUR - group is changed to Discount. Customer receives a letter about it and he is happy
  • on 30th day customer groups are recalculated and once again our customer is in General group, and he isnĀ°t happy about it

So, to avoid such situations, we need a new setting to ensure that customer won't be transfered to lower group too soon. This setting will be available only if setting "Demote customers" is enabled.

The default value is 30 days (a month). However, if you don't want to give this minimum term to a customer, you can set this option to 0.

Cron must be set up on the server to use this feature. The recalculation script will be launched once a day.

3. Criterion of calculation
At the moment only one criterion of calculation is used - amount of money spent by the customer. Some shops receive profit from amount of orders, not turnover by selling something not their own and receiving fixed amount of money for each order.

That's why we will introduce a setting, that will allow shop owner to choose this criterion of calculation:
  • Total amount spent (as it is now)
  • Order qty


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