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Added by Rhiana Bertha Shintasari about 5 years ago. Updated about 5 years ago.

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Good Morning,

Is it also possible to create an extra multiplier?

I wish to sell in each shop at a different local price. For instance:
- Les TeRe - NL = in EUR with extra multiplier 1.00;
- Les TeRe - UK = in GBP with extra multiplier 1.40;
- Les TeRe - BE = in EUR with extra multiplier 1.20.
- Les TeRe - EU = in EUR with extra multiplier 1.20.

With other words prices in UK must be 40% higher than exchange rate GBPEUR. Prices in BE and EU must be 20% higher than prices in NL.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Sjoerd Jager


#1 Updated by Alexey Yerofeyev about 5 years ago

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This is not the intended use of this extension, and we will not implement this feature in the public version of the extension.
So it is possible only as a paid custom work. Our estimate is that it will take up to 6 hours (180 EUR). Let us know if you are interested.

#2 Updated by Rhiana Bertha Shintasari about 5 years ago

Hi Alexey,

That is ok with me. I forgot one thing. I have three product categories in each shop:
1. new bags;
2. new jewelry;
3. pre-owned bags.

In fact I need the multiplier for each shop only for category 1 and 2.

Many thanks.

Best regards,
Sjoerd Jager

#3 Updated by Alexey Yerofeyev about 5 years ago

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On the second thought, the task doesn't look so simple. Could you give us a link to your website so that we could analyze a little more? Or at least tell us if these NL, UK, EU and BE are separate websites or are just store views?

#4 Updated by Rhiana Bertha Shintasari about 5 years ago

I deleted access data due this task is public and visible to everyone.

#5 Updated by Alexey Yerofeyev about 5 years ago

Thank you, we were able to get a look on the website. After trying to take into consideration all of the possible factors, we think that, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to achieve what you want.

To make that possible, we would need to affect base price, special price and make changes for price calculations for simple, configurable, grouped, bundle and downloadable product types. If you plan to use group/tier prices or catalog price rules - we would need to change that logic too. Finally - many processes work with indexed prices instead of product price and we must affect this too. This is actually creating a whole new process of working with prices and replacing Magento standard process with it. This can take too much time, far more than our first estimation of 6 hours. Additionally, there is always a chance that we weren't able to predict all possible problems which means that at some point you could meet some bugs.

So considering that it is impossible to both estimate this task and guarantee you that everything will work fine, there is a high chance that we either spend more time that estimated, or result will not satisfy you, or, which is actually most probable outcome, both. That is why we just can't take this task.

#6 Updated by Jurij Nikolajev about 5 years ago

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